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  • Shen Shellenberger

William G. Hansen Youth of the Year Award Winners Announced

The Haddonfield Area Lions Club has chosen three outstanding Haddonfield Memorial High School students to receive its William G. Hansen Youth of the Year Award. The award is named for Bill Hansen, who was a Lion for more than 50 years. The honor is given to students who have shown empathy and compassion during their many years of volunteer service. 

“The applicants were outstanding and we wish we could have chosen them all,” said Debra Nussbaum, who chairs the Youth of the Year Committee with fellow Lions Club member Ellen Ragone. “All of these students were busy with academics and activities, but they made helping others a priority.”

Stella DeMarco is President of the HMHS Leo Club. "She has been instrumental this year in helping me behind-the-scenes in planning events and serving as a role model for other Leo Club members,” said Maggie Gammie, an HMHS teacher and advisor to the Leo Club. 

Elliot Ryan has mentored and tutored children in Camden since 2015.  He is also a volunteer at the Haddonfield Historical Society and a student board committee member for the Haddonfield Japan Exchange.


Charlotte George is Vice President of Play it Forward, a music volunteering club where members give free music lessons to students in Camden schools.  She is also on the school’s Peer Bias Committee.

The Lions Club also recognized other Haddonfield students for their extensive volunteer work. They are Max Cass, Kyle Dailey, Carly Griffin and Rebekah Vielehr.

The awards will be given out at a future Lions Club meeting after the coronavirus quarantine ends.

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