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2024 Mayor's Breakfast Recap

Jack Tarditi, Larry Melton, Mayor Colleen, YOTY Brandon Norton, COTY Jack O'Malley, Commissioner Kevin Roch

In our new venue for the 2024 Haddonfield Lions Club Mayor’s Breakfast, at Tavistock Country Club, we recognized two young men for their contributions in the community.

Jack O’Malley, the 2024 Citizen of the Year award recipient, was acknowledged for his longtime contributions to the community, in both youth sports and civic activities. Jack grew up in Haddonfield and has been actively involved with the town since he was a student at the high school.

The HMHS senior, Brady Norton, also a member of the high school Leo Club, was given the William G. Hansen Youth of the Year award, recognizing his great activities in the community and at the high school.

The Lions Club is pleased to honor these two young men for their contributions to Haddonfield, helping to make it the wonderful town that it is.

Jack Tarditi, Co-chair Haddonfield Lions Club Citizen of the Year Committee

COTY Jack O'Malley

COTY Jack O'Malley Town Crier Philip Zoebisch, Mayor Collen, COTY Jack O'Malley

Kevin Burns, YOTY Brandon Norton, Bill Burns

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