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  • Shen Shellenberger

Welcome Back Treats to Returning Students from the LEO Club

When students at Haddonfield Memorial High School returned to four-days-a-week, in-person classes, members of the LEO Club provided everyone with a welcome back treat – cheerful paper shamrocks with candy attached!

The project was made possible through the support of LEO Club Co-Advisor and Lions Club member, Heather Lacy, who supplied the shamrock template, “luck” quotes, and candy. Maggie Gammie, HMHS teacher and LEO Club Co-Advisor, said it was a great success all around.

“The LEO Club members had fun adding their own creative touches to the shamrocks, and all the students loved getting candy at the end of the day,” Gammie said. “and we donated the extra shamrocks to Cathedral Kitchen in Camden.

Left to right - Zion Lee, Avery Votta, Lily Votta
(L-R) Zion, Avery, Lily
(L-R) Alessandro, Jacob, Kayvus

(L-R) Grace, Abby, Caden, Avery, Zion

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