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  • Shen Shellenberger

Skirmish Serves Breakfast & History

The Lions Club is proud to have been part of the 2nd annual Skirmish and Breakfast with the Troops on Saturday, June 3. Joe Murphy and his team worked for many months to get the re-enactors ready, and more than 30 Lions Club members participated in a variety of ways to make this event happen.

Highlights included:

  • Ned Nestor and Ben Franklin starting the day addressing each other as gentleman, and Ned talking about the Battle of Brandywine

  • Phillip and his assistant town crier leading the crowd with a loud and patriotic “HUZZAH!”

  • The 1st Battalion of NJ volunteers gave cheers on their own, shouting to the Colonials “pay your taxes” and “go back to New York”

  • The Sea Dogs performing a rousing set of patriotic songs

  • African American soldiers from the Road Island Militia – already accustomed to battle and much needed – spoke of their role in their journey to New Jersey to help

  • 90-year-old Navy veteran Mae Brill engaging the First Battalion of Volunteers with gusto!

So many people attended – 100+ more than last year – that additional seating was added to accommodate them all. And the Lions Club received rave reviews about the breakfast fare! Thank you to our creative cooks: Valarie Costanzo, Joan Gianiotis, and David Korngruen.

Congratulations to EVERYONE for their part in making this such a successful event!

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