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Rotary wins this years Haddy Cup!

The Encyclopediacs took home this years trophy for the Rotary

Every year the Haddonfield Lions and Rotary Clubs come together for our annual Trivia Challenge called the Haddy Cup. So far every year the winning club has alternated and 2019 was no different. The winning team was the Encyclopediacs and claimed the Haddy Cup for the Rotary club. The competition was neck and neck until in the 3rd round when they scored a perfect 11out of 11 and ranway with the victory. Its a great night celebrating two of Haddonfield's finest clubs meeting together in service to our community. Below are some pictures of our Emcee Jack Tardite and Eric Zino and Adam Puff who organized this years challenge. To remain impartial Eagles jerseys were woren so that we remained impartial!

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