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  • Shen Shellenberger

HMHS Leo Club Advisor Wins "Educator of the Year" Award

Maggie Gammie, a history, global issues, and AP research teacher at HMHS, has been named the 2021-2022 "Educator of the Year" by the officers and members of Rising Sun Lodge No. 15. Ms. Gammie was nominated by Bill Brown, incoming President of the Haddonfield Area Lions Club, which is affiliated with the HMHS Leo Club where Ms. Gammie has served as advisor for six years. Both clubs raise money and provide activities and services for those in need, with an emphasis on those with vision issues and blindness.

The HMHS Leo Club has grown to 300 students, and its activities include food collections, hosting a Senior Citizen Prom, helping at the Ronald McDonald House, running a holiday toy collection, selling ribbon pins to donate money to Ukrainian refugees, as well as regularly volunteering with the Haddonfield Lions Club at many fundraising events.

“What makes Maggie so special is her ability to offer guidance and support to the Club’s officers and student body while providing them the opportunity to take the lead in creating the activities, introducing new ideas, and setting the Club’s agenda,” said Heather Lacy, a Lions Club member and liaison with the Leo Club.

“She is extremely effective in communicating with the students. Her demeanor is always supportive and kind, and her enthusiasm and energy never wane.“

Ms. Gammie will receive her award Wednesday, June 1, at the Annual Education Awards Banquet at the Masonic Temple on Kings Highway in Haddonfield.

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