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Haddonfield Lions Club Seeks 2024 Citizen of the Year Nominations

The Haddonfield Citizen of the Year (COTY) Committee is currently seeking nominations for the person who will be the 2024 Citizen of the Year.  In the past, the Committee has honored government officials, educators, administrators, artists, teachers, medical professionals, businesspeople, and hard-working volunteers.


If you know someone who has contributed to the town and region, either through their work or volunteer commitments, e-mail your nomination to COTY Co-Chair and Lions Club member Jack Tarditi at


Print and electronic applications will be accepted.

Nominations are due by December 24th.


Nominations must include your name and contact information and the name and email address of the nominee. Please tell the COTY Committee about this person’s accomplishments and how those accomplishments have benefitted people in the community. Describe the traits this person has that make them special and that cause them to standout in what they do and achieve. Please give the COTY Committee the educational, professional, and volunteer background of your nominee. The Committee wants to hear why this individual is a person to be recognized. Nominations should not be longer than two typed pages. Nominees must be 21 or older and be Haddonfield residents.


The winner will be recognized at the Mayor’s Breakfast on Saturday, January 20, 2024, at the Tavistock Country Club.

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