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Don't Forget to Submit Your Choice for Haddonfield Citizen of the Year!

The 2019 winner Marie DiMatties

The Annual Mayor’s Breakfast hosted by the Haddonfield Lions Club, will be held on

Saturday, January 19, 2020 at the First Presbyterian Church, 20 Kings Highway East

in Haddonfield. The event will begin at 9:00 AM. Tickets are $8 each and will be

available at the door.

Mayor Neil Rochford will deliver the annual State of the Borough Address and also

present the Citizen of the Year award, which recognizes an outstanding member of the

Haddonfield community.

Letters inviting nominations for Citizen of the Year are going out soon. Nomination

forms are available on the Haddonfield Lions Club website at

or the Haddonfield Information Center and by sending an email to the Citizen of the

Year committee chair, Jack Tarditi at

Many outstanding community members have been nominated previously, and the

committee is happy to consider both former and new nominees. However, nominations

must be current and include the 2020 Nomination Form as a cover sheet, together with

one or more statements by those making the recommendation. Note: Nominees must

be Haddonfield residents. The deadline for submissions is 12/31/2019.

To see a list of previous Citizen of the Year winners, visit the Citizen of the Year page

on the Lions Club website

At the Mayor’s Breakfast, the Lions will be collecting eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell

phones for recycling.

The Haddonfield Lions Club is a service organization that supports community events

and activities and provides assistance to those in need and people with sight-related

problems, locally and globally. Lions Club International is the largest service

organization in the world.

Please see our main page to download the nomination form.

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