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William Hansen Youth of the Year Award Winners Announced!

Haddonfield, NJ – March 21 – The Haddonfield Area Lions Club gave Youth of the Year awards tonight to three outstanding Haddonfield Memorial High School students who showed empathy and compassion through their many years of volunteer service. The winners are Julia Chin, Maura Dodson and Sasha Feinstein.

“The applicants were so outstanding that we wish we could have given all of them awards,” said Ellen Ragone, who co-chairs the YOY Committee with Deb Nussbaum. “These students showed incredible heart with the time they devoted to helping others,” Nussbaum added.

Feinstein is President of the year’s LEO Club and the historian of the Student Council. She has organized many volunteer activities including, in late 2018, she came up with the idea to create holiday cards to send to the Mabel Kay seniors.

Dodson works for many volunteer organizations including Stand with Camden, Bulldogs for Bancroft, the Leo Club, Kids Alley and Urban Promise. This year she will go on her fifth mission work trip with First Presbyterian Church in Haddonfield. Last year, she was selected to attend Martin Luther King Leadership Camp.

Chin is a tremendous violinist and has used her talent since the age of 8 to raise money for charities. Chin has raised money for music programs, a classmate with an illness and the Haddonfield Japan Exchange. She has also performed for many groups including the Mabel Kay Seniors and the 65 Club. She has played at the Kimmel Center, Lincoln Center in New York and Carnegie Hall.

The Lions also recognized other Haddonfield students for their extensive volunteer work. They include: Devorah (Devi) Bass; Elliot Ryan; Mack Wolschina; Alexia Chacon; Andrew Genel; RJ Mroz; Lance Forebaugh; Sophie Kohs, Luke Baxter and Stella DeMarco.

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