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2018 Flea Market is Huge Success!

The 2018 Flea Market is in the books. The Vendors sold their wares, the Patrons shopped and everyone had fun. The Lions club raised money for our local community selling items members donated and selling food to all the visitors. These kinds of events keep the Lions club up and running and continuing our mission to help others.

Here is a special thanks from the chairperson to our fellow Lions about all the work that goes into making the event a success!

Just sitting here relaxing after our great day at the Flea Market. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

This all started with Shen doing her best to sell all of the spaces. 85 vendors 100 spaces. How does she do that? She is the best co-chair person anyone could have. Thanks Shen. And oh by the way her son Jackson is a great contributor before and during the event. Thanks Jackson.

Tom Baird was the first arrival prompt and ready to work. Then I heard Chris Clancey’s voice across the lot in the darkness and I knew it was go time. Bob Stokes and Alan rounded out the welcoming committee.

The Lion’s Logistics team kicked into action getting tables, supplies, grills, setting up to cook. All of you guys are amazing. Bob, Ken, George, Mike, Larry, Joe, and so many others.

Leo’s showed up early and helped set up the White Elephant table. Chip arrived and killed it as usual. The breakfast sandwiches were over the top amazing, as well as the rest of the menu.

Leo’s moved over to help with serving. We had two shifts and they were hard working, on on their game.

The sous chefs were amazing too, George, Sue, John, Tom, Owen, side by side with Chip is the most important job. Kitchen staff was just amazing.

Joan Harm and her band of merry man and woman showed up and did an outstanding job tagging, selling, cleaning up. We had so much stuff to sell. Thank you all.

And then there is Kevin Zelinsky and the Scouts. The third shift coming in fresh and helping us get Archer back to original state is to me the greatest gift from God. These young men and their leaders are such a great example of how to mold great citizens. Thank you guys. I am a tough task master and I appreciate helping us close it down. It’s a very important element to our success. Thanks gentlemen.

So thanks to all of the teams that make this all work. Thank you. You all know your job and responsibility. I am just lucky enough to participate with a great team.

We serve, and we did a good job today. Rest well my fellow Lion’s. You worked hard today.


Best Regards,


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