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Three HMHS Students Received Youth of the Year Awards from Lions Club!

(Left to Right: David Doyle, Bill Hansen, Sedona Ryan, and Diego Meucci)

The winners are Sedona Ryan, Diego Meucci and David Doyle. “The volunteer work and efforts by these students and the others we recognized were exceptional and really showed a heart for other people,” said Deb Nussbaum, one of the Chairs of the Lions Youth of the Year Committee.

All three winners are Haddonfield Memorial High School seniors. David is an Eagle Scout and was Chair of Jersey Boys State. He has volunteered in many programs through the Boy Scouts. Diego is vice president of the LEO Club and has participated in many events including the Senior Citizen Prom. He has also organized food donations and other community activities. Sedona is a tutor for Kids Alley where she helps children with homework and plays games. She also is President of the school Environmental Club and plans beach restoration along the Delaware Bay and horseshoe crab rescues. She volunteers at the Philadelphia Zoo and Haddonfield United Methodist Pre-School. This year, she created a healthy eating club at the high school where she also helps raise money for farm animal sanctuaries.

Students who received certificates of recognition for their excellent volunteer work are: Brogan Collins, Julia Chin, Hannah Windus, Ally McBryan, Francesca Mariani, Mallory Toci, Sasha Feinstein and Drew Genel.

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