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Haddonfield Lion Bob Turner wins Citizen of the Year!

He's known in the Lions Club and the Haddonfield community as Mr. Indispensable. No matter what the task, Bob, an icon in Haddonfield and a low-key unsung hero, gives it his all. And he ALWAYS helps achieve the goals which are set. He flies under the radar, but is recognized by all in Haddonfield for community and Lions Club charitable endeavors and for his outstanding volunteerism.

Bob has devoted a half century of his life to one organization, the Haddonfield Lions Club, which is known for numerous charitable endeavors for the visually-impaired and the Haddonfield community. As the club's former president and now secretary, Bob also oversees 3 significant fund-raisers annually, and actively participates in all of the other club's fund-raising endeavors, as well as decisions on contributions. The club raises and contributes 10s of thousands of dollars annually.

Bob is a member of the Haddonfield Celebrations Association, and contributes fresh perspective and ideas, as well as time and effort, to bringing about success each year.

Bob is a person one can turn to in an hour of need, comes through, and volunteers even when he isn't asked.

He is always there to help people face challenges in their lives.

Bob's credo in life is simple: "I enjoy helping people. And the effort I put into it is far exceeded by the pleasure and fulfillment I get from the results."

Bob Turner is indeed a man for all seasons.

Bob Stokes, president of the Lions Club, said: "Bob Turner is indeed an unsung hero. His love of community and dedication to serving have left an indelible impact on everyone who knows him. He, by example, plays an important role in every event and fundraiser the Lions Club pursues each year.

"With the Lions Club, Bob is chairperson of the club's July 4 participation in Haddonfield's celebration; he is responsible for the club's fundraisers involving the White Cane Drive and Pasta Bowl. All involve the managing of volunteer resources, soliciting merchants for financial support, obtaining permits from public officials, and endless details which bring success. By volunteering time, effort and financial assistance, Bob makes what seem impossible, possible. He offers great wisdom, good counsel and unfailing enthusiasm for all things Haddonfield.

It is said that everyone is replaceable; Bob Turner may be the exception.

"That is why I believe that Bob is worthy of the honor of Haddonfield's Citizen of the Year Award for 2018," concludes Bob Stokes.

Tom Baird, immediate past president of the Lions Club, and a West Point graduate and Vietnam War hero, as well as Haddonfield Citizen of the Year two years ago, passes on these thoughts. "Bob Turner has served with the Haddonfield Lions Club for a half century in various capacities, and has been cited for national Lions Clubs Awards for Service three times. He has been an outstanding contributor to the Haddonfield Celebrations Association. He is the ultimate example in our society of what service to others is all about. He has a selfless commitment to the community with a hands-on work ethic to get things done, and he inspires others by his example.

"There is no more deserving person than Bob Turner for the Haddonfield Citizen of the Year Award for 2018,"

concluded Baird.

But there's much more, including the many little-known things that Bob Turner does for others.

There's the Haddonfield cancer patient told by his doctors he only had a year to live; Bob tells the man he will beat cancer and outlive the doctors, and provides the man with continuing moral support and transportation to toxic treatments, spending hours of his time doing it. Thanks in part to Bob's positive attitude and encouragement and assistance, the man has beaten cancer and is alive 5 1/2 years later. So are the doctors who pronounced the death sentence, but performed their own magic to help prevent it.

There is the woman (a friend of Bob's late mother), who is ill and who needs help with her estate before she dies. Bob takes on the task of power of attorney and executor of the estate, much of which went to charity, fulfilling the woman's wishes.

Then there is the young woman who needed money for her college education; Bob co-signed a vital loan. The woman, now a successful lawyer, returned the favor by paying back the loan.

There are a number of other stories about Bob's help to people in need, on different scales and at different moments of their lives. Bob is always there to help. Low key. Unassuming. Without fanfare. That's Bob Turner.

In summary, Bob Turner is every person - or what every person would hope to be. As such, he represents numerous Haddonfield residents who give of their time, effort, and financial support to help others.

Bob Turner's nomination as Citizen of the Year is a celebration of which Haddonfield can be proud.

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