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Haddonfield Lions reach all the way to Tokyo

David is a Haddonfield High School Exchange Student with the Kasukabe School located outside Tokyo.

Our family went to meet David, his host family AND The Kasukabe Lions Club!

Since our High School children have a 20 year history of exchange, led by Bill Brown, I thought it would be great for the community 's adult leaders to create an exchange of goodwill.

The Lions Club is the perfect choice!

King Lion Bob Stokes provided to me Haddonfield Lions Club exchange gifts.

I prepared a frame of the US Postal Service stamp plate of the recently issued US- Japanese Friendship stamp. It was remarkably fortuitous and was tremendously well appreciated.

By the way, one of the Lions leaders is the local Postmaster! WOW

I honorably wore my Melvin Jones Fellow lapel pin which was recognized and appreciated by the Kasukabe Lions.

David's host family mother, Chica Yamada, and father drove us from Tokyo and helped with the translation.

My Northwestern college classmate, Hiroshi Sone in Tokyo, did a yeoman's task in reaching out to the Lions Club concurrently to David's host family to explain and arrange the meeting.

One of the Lions spoke good English and together they did a great job in identifying the Haddonfield Kasukabe Exchange.

I showed them the Haddonfield Sun newspaper with Kasukabe students on front cover


photos of our 2015 Japanese guest while in Haddonfield, who is from David's host family.

Altogether, I think we hit a home run in executing the spirit of the Lions by exchanging goodwill, building a community bond and sharing peace and friendship


Most importantly, LEO participation who will carry Lions forward through future generations

Your in Lionism - Forever,


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