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Notes About Registration

and Special Requests

The deadline for registration is April 15, 2022.

If you cancel after that date, the team will lose 50% of its registration fee.

This tournament is being run by Lions Club volunteers and all funds raised are donated to charity. Some years we have had close to 100 teams participating so the logistics of organizing the event can get complicated. We want to do our best to make sure all of our teams have a fun weekend with us! So if you could please help us out and read this it would be most appreciated.

Coaches/Team Coordinators: Please fill out each line completely so that we can do our best to communicate with you in advance of and during the tournament. Also, when registering your team, please be honest when specifying your team’s grade and skill level. We want to be able to do our best to match teams up appropriately. Please don’t say your team is a 7th grade team, when it really is a 6th grade team that wants to play up. You can let us know you have a strong “A” team and we will do our best to give you the most competitive games we can.

Special Requests: We are happy to consider your requests, and we will try our best, but we cannot guarantee that we can meet them all. Please keep in mind:

  • NO ONE-DAY ONLY ENTRIES. Requests to attend only one day of the tournament cannot be accommodated. Each team plays two games each day.

  • COACHING MULTIPLE TEAMS. Where there is one coach, coaching multiple teams, requests for special scheduling so the coach can be at each game probably will not be able to be accommodated – so please plan accordingly by having an assistant coach available if there are conflicts.

  • Due to the size of the tournament, we simply cannot accommodate last minute scheduling requests so that teams can fit in a soccer or softball game, take the SATs or attend prom. Please check these dates before sending in your registration.

  • Some teams request that they do not want the “first” game or the “last” game - which is not fair to the rest of the teams who are willing to play as scheduled. We try to be mindful of the time for teams who may be traveling a considerable distance. But if you make a special time request, the tradeoff may be much wider gaps between games for your team or back to back games.

  • And speaking of gaps . . . We will try our best to keep the gaps between games to one or two games. (ONE means: Game, Gap, Game. TWO means: Game, Gap, Gap, Game). Many players and their families enjoy the shopping or activities going on nearby in downtown Haddonfield on tournament weekend and actually look forward to the downtime between games. If there are large gaps in the schedule for a team it may be there because it was requested by a coach.

Team Coordinators: If you are filling this registration out on behalf of one of your coaches, please check with your coach before you send in the form, to be sure their team has no major scheduling conflicts. We have had calls from coaches over the years stating that someone else had signed their team up for the tournament without running it by them first. Your cooperation is much appreciated

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