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  • Shen Shellenberger

Youth of the Year winners receive awards from six feet away

In early April, a committee of the Haddonfield Area Lions Club comprised of Deb Nussbaum, Ellen Ragone, Carole Freynik, and Joyce Albrecht chose the winners of the 2020 Lions Club William G. Hansen Youth of the Year Award and intended for the students to be honored at an upcoming Lions Club meeting. But, due to circumstances no one could have imagined, the meeting and awards presentation were put on hold.

But on Friday, May 22, more than six weeks after the announcement, the prizes were delivered to the deserving students by two members of the Youth of the Year Committee.

“Ellen (Ragone) and I safely dropped off the awards and checks to our winners today,” said Deb Nussbaum. “We were able to personally congratulate them and take their pictures.”

“They are great kids,” she said, “and the students and their parents were so appreciative.”

Pictured below are the three top winners, Stella DeMarco (left), Charlotte George (center), and Elliot Ryan (right).

The Lions Club also recognized four additional students for exemplary volunteer work. They are Max Cass, Kyle Dailey, Carly Griffin, and Rebekah Vielehr.

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