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What We Do...We Serve!

The Haddonfield Area Lions Club sponsors nine major Community Service Projects, and conducts six fundraisers.

All of the money we raise will go to the Haddonfield Area Lions Foundation, which donates over $30,000 each year to worthy community causes, sight preservation projects, and to those in need.


Community Projects

  • Semi-Annual Blood Drive (September & February)

  • Dancing for the Vision-Impaired & Blind (September-June)

  • Sponsor Children's Holiday Shopping for visually impaired kids (December)

  • Vision Screening for School Children (January & February)

  • Host the Mayor's Breakfast / Citizen of the Year Award / Youth of the Year Award (January)

  • Student Scholarship Awards (June)

  • March in the Haddonfield Independence Day Parade / Provide refreshments at the parade finish line

  • Provide temporary assisted living funding (food & rent) to local citizens in need



  • Skirmish - Breakfast with the Troops at 1st Presbyterian Church, Kings Highway (June 1, 2024)


  • Flea Market (September 9, 2023) - Thank you for raising $3,000 for the community

  • 5K Vision Run (October 7, 2023) - Thank you for raising $7,500 to the JDRF organization

  • White Cane Collections near Thanksgiving

  • Blind seal donation solicitation mailing (January)

  • Family Pasta Dinner with Basket Auction at 1st Presbyterian Church, Kings Highway (April --, 2024)

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