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T-Shirts Bags

Every player in the tournament will get a free T-Shirt Bag which contains a T-Shirt, compliments of our local merchants and businesses.  The size of the shirt (S, M, L, XL) will be marked on the outside of the bag. Teams will each get a packet of coupons (one for each player) that can be exchanged for a T-Shirt bag.


All Coupons will be distributed to the team's coach at their first scheduled game on Saturday. Players can only get their coupons from their coach. Individual coupons will not be distributed  directly to players. If your team is in town early and you want your coupons before your game, coaches can go to their first scheduled gym and ask for their packet from the Site Director.

Players should take their coupons to any of the sponsor locations in Haddonfield to redeem them.  For a list of sponsors and links to their stores please see below.

WHat will the 20Anniversary Design be?!!

Tournament Sponsors with t-shirts

147 Kings Hwy East

317 N Haddon Ave

128 Kings Hwy East

299 Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Cherry Hill​

9 Kings Hwy West

57 Kings Hwy East

220 Kings Hwy East

Tournament Sponsors


Lizzy Haddon T-Shirts 2007 - 2019

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