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Rules & Coaches Code of Ethics

Lizzy Haddon Basketball 2022 Tourney Rules


The following rules apply to all divisions and grade levels:

  1. All games consist of 16-minute halves.  1st and 2nd Overtime is one (1) minute long. 3rd overtime is sudden death (first point wins). 

  2. Warmup duration will be five (5) minutes and Halftime duration will be three (3) minutes, but each may be reduced if games are running behind schedule.  Be at your designated gym in advance.  Games will start as soon as prior game is over and warm-up is over, not as stated on schedule.

  3. Each team gets four (4) full time outs.  In overtime, each team gets one (1) full time out.  Regulation timeouts do not carry over to overtime. 

  4. Clock stops at all whistles.  Clock becomes a running clock in second half if deficit is 20 points or greater with five (5) minutes or less to play and will remain a running clock until deficit is 10 points or less.

  5. Any coach or player ejected from a game because of (i) two (2) technical fouls or (ii) fighting or unsportsmanlike behavior is ineligible to participate in next game.  The Tournament reserves the right to ban a coach or player from the remainder of the tournament for particularly egregious behavior.  All decisions made by Tournament Official are final.

  6. Each team must at all times have an adult coach on their bench.  All coaches at all times must comply with the Coach’s Code of Conduct (detailed below).  No person who is not a coach or player may be on the bench.  Players and assistant coaches shall remain seated on bench at all times.  Head Coach may stand on sideline, subject to referee discretion. 

  7. Any coach or player who leaves the bench to engage in fighting the other team or coach shall be immediately ejected, subject to the referees’ sole discretion.  Any such ejection is accompanied by a double technical foul and foul shots, as appropriate.

  8. Home team is the team on the left for each scheduled game.  For example, if team 41 plays team 28 (41v28), team 41 is the home team.  Each team must supply a scorekeeper, but the home team book is the official book.  Each team must provide the number and last name of each eligible player.

  9. Each team should bring their own medical supplies.

NJ High School Rules apply with the following modifications:

 4th Grade - 6th Grade

  1. If 15 point or greater lead, leading team cannot press and must drop to half court (teams are encouraged to drop behind 3-point line). 

  2. Free Throw shooter must remain behind the foul line until ball hits the rim; no exceptions.   


 7th Grade - 9th Grade

  1. NJ High School Rules with no modifications.

  2. Teams with a twenty (20) point or greater lead are strongly encouraged to pull off any press. 




  1. I will place the emotional and physical well-beings of the players (both my players and my opponent’s players) ahead of my personal desire to win;

  2. I will treat all players as individuals, recognizing the large range of skills, emotions and physical developments of girls this age;

  3. I will take reasonable measures to honor all commitments to my players;

  4. I will do my best to provide a safe playing environment for my players;

  5. I will use coaching techniques appropriate for the age and skill level of my players;

  6. I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to my players, opponents, parents and fans;

  7. I will provide a sports environment for my team that is free of drugs, tobacco and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all youth events;

  8. I will be knowledgeable of the rules of the tournament and girls’ basketball in general and teach these rules to my players;

  9. I will remind my parents and fans of my team as to proper behavior and admonish them if they violate appropriate behavioral protocol;

  10. I will remember that I am a youth sports coach and that the game is for the girls, and not for adults.

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