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Gym Locations

Just a reminder that parking is FREE in downtown Haddonfield on weekends - so you don't need to "feed the meters". (But please do be careful of No Parking signs). Click here to see a map of Haddonfield municipal parking lots. Haddonfield is a "walkable" town, and stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks is something local law enforcement takes seriously.

For your convenience we have also created a tournament map on Google. You may want to save this link in your smart phone as a backup.    

A  –  Township Upper Gym & Township Lower Gym

Haddon Township High School

406 Memorial Ave, Westmont

B – Heights Atlantic

Atlantic Avenue Elementary

21 E. Atlantic Ave, Haddon Heights

C - Heights

Haddon Heights Jr/Sr  High School

301 2nd Ave, Haddon Heights

D – Central #1 & Central #2

Haddonfield Central/Middle School

3 Lincoln Avenue, Haddonfield

E – Haddonfield High School

401 Kings Hwy East, Haddonfield

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