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Chartered 1944 ~ Haddonfield, New Jersey

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The Lions Club collects and recycles several items:

  • Eye Glasses (We cannot use broken frames)
  • Hearing Aids
  • Iphones, Ipods
  • Cell Phones (We don't need the chargers, but include them if you have them)
  • Used postage stamps for Veteran's Hospitals

Q: Where can I drop off my recycling items?
A: All items listed above can be put in the same recycling containers (even if the container only says glasses). There are collection boxes and containers all around town. A yellow metal "mailbox" style container is located at the end of the ACME supermarket. Other locations include: The Haddonfield Information Center, the Haddonfield Public Library, Public Schools, and in various doctor's and opticians offices.

Q: What happens to the eyeglasses that the Lion's collect?
A: Glasses are delivered to one of the 13 recycling centers located throughout the world. We take ours to the NEW JERSEY LIONS EYEGLASS RECYCLING CENTER, INC. which is located in West Trenton. Each recycling center has slightly different requirements for the types of items they process. In NJ they do not process prescription sunglasses or uncut lenses, and do not collect eyeglass cases. (Other centers do use these items so if you have them please donate them anyway). The NJ Center also processes hearing aides. Click here to learn about the journey of a pair of recylced glasses, from the donation box, to being fitted on a needy individual somewhere in the world.

Q: What do you do with used postage stamps and how should I prepare them?
A: The Haddonfield Lions Club participates in the Stamps for the Wounded program. Rehabilitation hospitals use The stamps in arts and crafts activities, or to give the patients a new hobby to pass the time while they are healing. You need to leave the stamp on the envelope, since the vets will soak them off the envelopes themselves. It would be helpful if you could trim at least 1/4 inch around the envelope. If the envelope contains an interesting post mark, cut around it and the stamp. For more information about the Stamps for the Wounded click hereor contact the Lions International Stamp Club at

Q: I have several large boxes containing empty laser printer cartridges that do not fit in your recycling box. What should I do with them?
A: Contact us and we'll be happy to arrange for someone to stop by and pick them up. Several local businesses save their empties for us, and call us periodically when they need for us to collect them. If you have a business and would like to help our recycling effort, please let us know.